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*Wags tail* Loupegris is here... or am I?...

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*Wags tail* Loupegris is here... or am I?...

Post  Loupegris on Sun Mar 22, 2009 1:08 pm

What can I say? Ok, I'm a girl and my obsesions (umm, I mean Hobies...) include wolves, dogs, Foxes (you get the picture) and of course Fan Vidding! I haven't been vidding for long (since about Janurary) and I'm not very well known on youtube yet, but I hope being here at the fan vidders forum will help. I use Sony Vegas 9.0 (not pro) and most of my vids are Balto and Spirit, but I'm hoping to get TLK 1 and 2 soon. I've had lots of experiance with running forums, scripting webpages and stuff scince I spen an unhealthy amount of time on the computer. To be honest I'm not very reliable at sticking with stuff but Fan vidding is a different story. It saved my life when I moved to France, as I didn't (and still don't Razz) Speak the language and need to escape from school at the end of the day. Well, thats about it... Happy vidding!


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