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XR "How far we've come"

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XR "How far we've come" Empty XR "How far we've come"

Post  levy120 on Sun Jan 18, 2009 11:59 pm

Bang - boom - bang
"That's the whole point of the word "destroy"! It's a MESSY thing to do!" - XR
Reupload on Dailymotion because most recently Youtube has been bitchy.
I didn't even have an option to mute or somthing like that.
Simply yanked - oh I love that.
*e: Oh wait - NOW it's working xD
But they took down the mute option... I'm to lazy to go through the audio-swap options D8
BTW, if Dailymotion is rejecting this as well - use the Download link below.
*e2: "Unknown error occurred while processing your request!"
So much for Audioswap.

Original Description:
Epilepsy warning!
CREDITS at the end of the description (because Youtube cut the video somehow that you barely saw the credits)
I dare you to not like this one, because it freaking killed my wmm D8
Some time ago CraaazyCat13 told me to make a little more use of the zoom effects in wmm... once and never again... xD
This video took so freaking long... I turned and twisted the meaning of it so often...
I'm dissatisfied now xx"

March 22 #46 - Top Favorites (Today) - Music - Germany
Download: far_DL.wmv

7 February - 21 March (FAIL)
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command is property, ©️ and ®️ Disney/Pixar.
Clips are from 630Kila. eez, space-is-near, Mart90 and NinjaRabbit
The music is from Matchbox 20, the song is called "How far we've come"

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