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Post  Chief BumbleBee on Wed Jan 14, 2009 9:02 pm


#1 DO NOT SHOUT! Speak.
Please avoid using Caps Lock. It is generally understood that this means 'shouting' which can then result in a misunderstanding of behavior or expression.

#2 Please try to be as gramatically correct as possible. 'Toking lik tis' purposefully can be difficult for some to understand;

#3 Try to take advantage of the provided emoticons. They help to relay feelings and reactions, and also, they're just plain fun to use!

#4 When commenting or responding to a post, please try to be as insightful as possible. Responses such as "nice" or "good" do not always help the creators of the posts or videos, making it difficult for them to seek improvement.

#5 Do not repeat a message. Do not repeat a message.Do not repeat a message.
The forum contains a tool which alerts us to unread topics. Writing one more than once will only unecessarily flood the forum.

#6 Insults, flames, and rude sarcasm are strictly prohibited. We are trying to keep this at a friendly and welcome environment.

#7 Use the EDIT too in the forum to correct your post if you see any errors. Do not create a new one.

#8 Please try to keep all amv footage as relevant to 'Disney AMV's' as possible. This includes all disney movies, Universal, and Dreamworks animated films as well. Forums for Other Fan Vidders (like 'Twilight' and 'Harry Potter') are available elsewhere.

#9 The posting of pornographic clips, hacking other accounts, or posting links to downloadable movies is strictly prohibited. This can result in the deletion of the forum. You will recieve a warning which can later become a suspension of your account (we wish to avoid doing this, so please do NOT break this rule).

#10 All complaints about the moderation must be personally messaged to the Administrator or any of the Moderators. Please do not post these in the forums".

#11 Please do not purposefully flood the forum. It makes it cluttered and difficult to find posts.

#12 Please post responses and comments in the correct topics to avoid confusion.

#13 Do not purposefully copy the avatar or signature of another user. This can lead to confusion and/or identity theft. We want individuals to be unique and identifiable

# 14 Please keep topics and posts in the forum as relevant as possible. Talk of religion and politics are strictly prohibited. One seen stirring up trouble will recieve a warning which can result in a suspension

#15 Anything not related AMV vidding or youtube must be posted in the 'OFF TOPIC' forum. This keeps the forums orginized.

#16When speaking in publicized places, try to limit your speech to English. It is the one language that brings us all together and it may be confusing or difficult for others to understand what is going on when one is speaking in their native tongue.


- Users continuously breaking the rules can have their messages edited by a moderator or their topics deleted or blocked. Warnings will be given out so as to avoid suspension.

- Suspended users will be blocked and have their IP locked so as to prevent them from making another account.


"We understand that this may seem like an overwhelming amount of rules, but it is the easiest way to keep order. In any community, 95% of all rules are made because 5% of people try to break them. If you see any violation of the forum's rules, please send a Personal Message to any moderator or the Administrator. If you have any doubts or questions, please ask us. The moderators are going to work hard to keep the forum's in order. Aside from that, enjoy the forum and please have fun" - Chief BumbleBee
Chief BumbleBee
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