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Post  levy120 on Sat Feb 28, 2009 2:35 pm

I actually don't know why so many people fancy this page...
It's a nice place for a possible backup for rejected Youtube videos, yet it isn't any better in no way xx"

Don't know what I'm talking about?
I'm going to put up a full list to see the size myself now, because I frankly stopped counting

Lugia "Birds of Peace" - Rejected (still on Youtube)
XR/42 "Ready for Love" - Rejected (still on Youtube)
Mushu "Vindicated" - Rejeceted (still on Youtube - positively claimed)
XR/Booster "Crash and burn" - Rejected (still on Youtube)
XR "We are" - Rejected (still on Youtube)
Kenai "Someone's watching over me" - Rejected (not even tried on Youtube, because I didn't deem it "worth it")
Just between guardians "Dance inside the song" - Rejected (still on Youtube - positively claimed)
Miroku "Bird and the worm" - Rejected (still on Youtube)
Life after Life "Rebirthing" - Rejected (WMG)
Mulan/Mushu "At the beginning" - Rejected (still on Youtube)
Mulan/Mushu "Wind beneath my wings" - Rejected (WMG)
XR/Mira "Angel to you" [Collab] - Rejected (WMG)

Stuff Dailymotion accepted that was blocked on Youtube:
XR "The Boxer" (WMG)
XR "How far we've come (WMG)
Mulan "Overprotected"
RJ "Guilty" (Viacom)
Tarzan/Jane "Angel's Song"

THAT'S it guys! My LIST! Had to get this out now <.<

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Re: Dailymotion

Post  Redline on Sat Mar 07, 2009 6:51 pm

That sure is alot of rejected videos. Yeah, I know about dailymotion. It's ok I guess. Good to have an account just incase. Though the layout on the site is very weak if you ask me, and it looks rather booring. But, useful if you want to link videos to this place or something close to it. Works ok.

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