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Post  LuchirsLight on Mon Feb 02, 2009 1:15 pm

OK, so I made this, and I dedicated it to Redlinelies:) Hope you guys like it and stuff:)

Well, here's the story for you guys..

-Katara has been mortally hit by lightning, and is in a deep sleep. No one knows if she will survive or not. Especially Zuko is sad, and he tries, desperate, to reach out to bring her back.

Verse and chorus 1(Katara):
-Katara wakes up, confused and alone. She doesnt understand, she should have been dead! But she figures she must be in the spirit world. Why cant she move on? The necklace Zuko gave her to try to make her forgive him holds her to the mortal world and keeps her somewhere in-between! She starts walking around, and for a minute she can hear and see Zuko! She runs for him, but he disappears, leaving her alone again. She falls to the ground sad, confused and crushed.

Verse 2:
-Katara suddenly hear a new, but familiar voice calling her. She renews her search and finds Yue, goddess of the moon. Yue calms her and starts to explain everything. To get back to her own world, the one who truly loves her must confess it both to her and himself. Having said this, Yue disappears. Katara has new hope.

Chorus 3(Katara):
-Katara starts to think, and remembers how it was Zuko shed seen, not Aang, and how much the necklace means to her. She realises that he is her one true love, and that he is the one who can save her. But Katara is getting weaker, and faints. All she can think about is Zuko, and she somehow manages to whisper his name.

-Hearing his name whispered by Katara, Zuko is shocked. But her fever is getting worse, and he is crushed when he realises shes dying. In his agony, he confesses his love to her.

-Rewind through Kataras spirit journey, and her waking up to see Zuko crying over her.

Chorus (Katara & Zuko):
-Zuko? He turns around, and finds Katara opening her eyes and smiling at him. He is totally shocked, and can only sit there, while Katara gets up and comes over to hug him and they kiss! ~smooch~ lolxD